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  • Randi’s Loss Is NYC Education’s Gain

    Posted on Apr 23, 2014 by Team

    New York’s parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the latest threat to their child’s education has been defeated. A New York Supreme Court Judge has thrown out a lawsuit by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 2, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), against certain charter school “co-locations” — the practice of allowing charters to use vacant space […]

  • Randi Runs as Radical Stances Meet Blowback in NYC

    Posted on Mar 14, 2014 by Team

    Today, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten will be in Kiev rallying for the interim government of Ukraine, far from the controversies she left in New York. We’re not sure how this helps teachers or students in the U.S., but if she wants to support the Ukrainians we suppose that’s her prerogative. It’s a […]

  • Randi Rolls into Newark

    Posted on Feb 26, 2014 by Team

    Newark Public Schools face a serious problem: Enrollment in the struggling state-administered district is projected to plummet in the coming years, and with that revenues will decline. The state and the city both are unable to cover the shortfall, so some teachers will need to be let go. And that creates another problem, especially since […]

  • Teachers Unions Caught in Shady Political Scheme

    Posted on Jan 07, 2014 by Team

    Last November, unions including the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and its Boston local (the Boston Teachers Union or BTU) heavily backed Marty Walsh in the city’s mayoral election. (He won.) Part of that support was a $480,000 ad buy by the AFT national headquarters that the BTU swears it didn’t know about. The money […]

  • Who’s the Boss? New Book Warns About Public-Sector Unions

    Posted on Aug 24, 2012 by Center for Union Facts

    Shadowbosses by Mallory Factor is one of the most-talked-about books about labor unions in quite some time. And for good cause — Factor’s book is a must-read. The book is great for those who are new to the subject, as well as people in-the-know who will still learn a lot about union corruption and the influence that Big […]

  • A Teacher “Penalty?” Not So Fast…

    Posted on May 09, 2011 by Union Facts

    We’ve previously criticized the Economic Policy Institute (EcPI) for their misleading use of data in a series of studies on public employee compensation. Well, they’re at it again …