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  • Showdown Looms Between NLRB and the States

    Posted on Jan 19, 2011 by Center for Union Facts

    Where will the National Labor Relations Board extend its tendrils next? Here’s your answer: The National Labor Relations Board has threatened to sue the states of Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah over recently passed state constitutional amendments that require secret-ballot elections before a company can be unionized. The board says the states can’t […]

  • While Others See Faults with Employee Free Choice Act, Jeff Merkley Blindly Supports It

    Posted on Oct 07, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    Even as newspapers and columnists around the country like the Sun Sentinel in Florida, the Washington Post in Washington D.C. and our own Oregonian deride the act, Jeff Merkley supports it. Even as bloggers, the new media for politics in the United States, point out the major flaws and hypocrisy with this grossly mis-named act, […]

  • Merkley Supports “An Attack on the Secret Ballot”

    Posted on Sep 29, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    A recent column by David Reinhard in the Oregonian highlights the problems behind the grossly mis-named “Employee Free Choice Act”.  This piece of legislation would strip workers of their right to a private ballot in the workplace when it comes to unionization.  Instead, workers would be subject to harassment, coercion and intimidation from union organizers […]

  • Jeff Merkley – Dodging the Question….Again

    Posted on Aug 22, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    Jeff Merkley has become very good at the political two-step. Asked a question, he gives a response seemingly related to but not really answering the query. In the clip below, Mr. Merkley was approached and asked a question about the issues. Specifically, whether it was hypocritical for Mr. Merkley to accuse Senator Gordon Smith of […]

  • Jeff Merkley Refuses to Answer Tough Questions

    Posted on Aug 18, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    Speaker Jeff Merkley recently ran away from a voter who just wanted to ask him a question about his support from Big Labor Union Bosses and if it unduly influenced his decision to support the grossly mis-named Employee Free Choice Act.  The Employee Free Choice Act, or “card-check”, would take away a worker’s right to […]

  • Jeff Merkley….A Better Man? Nope.

    Posted on Aug 15, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    At a recent event where the Grim Reaper showed up to remind people that Jeff Merkley is killing democracy with his support of the Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act, a spectator at the event tried to reason with Mr. Merkley. The Employee Free Choice Act, or “card-check” legislation, is a bill that is being pushed […]

  • Jeff Merkley…Wrong AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN

    Posted on Aug 14, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    Even though Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Merkley has been told that “Death” or the Grim Reaper is not affiliated with the Gordon Smith campaign, he repeatedly and knowingly makes this false assertion to potential voters. In this clip, Mr. Merkley tries to tell people that the Grim Reaper is with an anti-union group, which […]

  • Jeff Merkley has a “fundamental misunderstanding” of the Employee Free Choice Act

    Posted on Jul 29, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    Recently, Jeff Merkley was approached on the campaign trail and asked about the Employee Free Choice Act and the elimination of the private ballot for workers in deciding whether to unionize. In true Jeff Merkley characteristic fashion, he tried to deflect the question and make it about whether workers should be allowed to unionize. At […]