Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

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  • “You will never ask Carol Shea-Porter a Question”

    Posted on Jul 21, 2008 by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    This report comes from a volunteer for Granite Staters for Employee Freedom: Crazy story – today I attended the Rochester NHDP office opening. I stood there quietly with my video camera off and in my pocket, and didn’t say a word throughout the entire event. When things wrapped up, I took out my camera and […]

  • A Human Shield Protects Jeanne Shaheen from a Terrifying Videographer

    Posted on Jul 15, 2008 by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] Governor Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat running for Senate, has decided that her town hall meetings should be confidential. There is no other explanation for her decision to use her staff as a human shield to avoid being taped at a recent Deering, NH town hall meeting. In the video, you’ll see a little bit […]

  • Jeanne Shaheen Changes Her Stump Speech

    Posted on by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] At her last two public events, Governor Jeanne Shaheen has taken time out of her stump speeches to point out a constituent with a video camera. Shaheen says: “…I also wanted to introduce the gentleman in the back, so everyone understands who he is. He is here tracking for an anti-union organization, and if […]

  • Representative Shea-Porter can’t tell the difference between a town hall meeting and the workplace

    Posted on Jun 23, 2008 by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] In Stratham, New Hampshire this weekend, Representative Carol Shea-Porter was asked if she believes that workers have the right to a secret ballot on whether or not their workplace is unionized.  Her support for the EFCA and card check voting gives a pretty clear hint that she doesn’t.  Shea-Porter said this: … it would […]

  • New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen Dodges the Question Once Again

    Posted on Jun 18, 2008 by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    Jeanne Shaheen continues to refuse to answer a very simple question: do workers have the right to a secret ballot when a labor organizer tries to unionize their shop?  It’s no surprise that she’s unable to give a straight answer as her position is, to most Americans, completely untenable. [youtube][/youtube]

  • Jeanne Shaheen dodges question on workplace democracy

    Posted on Jun 09, 2008 by J. Justin Wilson

    Wow! Check out this video of New Hampshire’s Democratic Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen totally botching her response to a constituent’s question about labor unions’ plans to eliminate workplace democracy by destroying the 60-year-old tradition of electing unions by a private ballot election.