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  • Should Police Unions Have Less Power? New Polling Data Suggests Yes

    Posted on Aug 04, 2020 by Team

    The Center for Union Facts (CUF) released new polling data on the public perception of police unions. The polling is part of CUF’s ongoing national education campaign surrounding police unions — and their collective bargaining agreements — that protect bad cop behavior and fight most reform efforts. The campaign website can be seen at […]

  • Good Cops vs. Bad Cops: Who's Stopping Us From Telling the Difference?

    Posted on Jul 21, 2020 by Team

    Police unions have gotten away with collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) that protect bad behavior and stymie most reform efforts. As outrage over unjust law enforcement tactics grows, it’s important to understand how police unions — and the bargaining agreements they push — prevent us from holding bad cops accountable. That’s why the Center for Union […]