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  • Does the Star Tribune Know About YouTube?

    Posted on Oct 29, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    Our Executive Committee Chairman King Banaian has a great post on the logic behind the Minneapolis Star Tribune citing EFCA as a reason not to endorse Ashwin Madia, but ignoring Elwyn Tinklenberg’s equally egregious misstatements on the issue.

  • Liberal Paper Cites EFCA in Declining to Endorse Madia

    Posted on Oct 28, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    In their editorial declining to endorse Democrat Ashwin Madia (a rare thing for this very liberal newspaper), the Minneapolis Star Tribune cited Madia’s dishonesty on EFCA. As the Strib put it: At the last debate, Madia was less polished on policy than his two rivals and repeated an error made in his endorsement interview — […]

  • Unions “almost never stop at 30 percent”

    Posted on Oct 22, 2008 by J. Justin Wilson

    I suspect Minnesota labor leader Russell Hess is going to get a call from Washington, DC today. That’s because he is way off the reservation when it comes to talking about the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). In fact, he admitted to the Rochester Post-Bulletin that union leaders “almost never stop at [collecting cards […]

  • Of ahhh… Of ahhh…

    Posted on Oct 17, 2008 by J. Justin Wilson

    Here is an amusing video of Minnesota Democratic Congressional candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg stammering and stuttering in an attempt to justify his support of the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act: [youtube][/youtube]

  • Will Franken and Melendez Act Like Grown Ups and Debate?

    Posted on Oct 07, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    This ad challenging DFL Chairman Brian Melendez and Al Franken to, once and for all, debate us on EFCA, ran today in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The continuing refusal of liberal supporters of EFCA to actually debate the issue stands in stark contrast to former Senator George McGovern’s courage on this issue.  Senator McGovern, a principled liberal, […]

  • Minnesota Dems are REALLY afraid to debate EFCA

    Posted on Oct 06, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] For a guy who’s so confident when he’s calling us names and filing frivolous legal complaints, DFL Party Chairman Brian Melendez sure runs away fast when we ask him about his refusal to debate us on EFCA. I don’t know that I’ve seen a guy with not much to do run away so fast, […]

  • Inquiring Chickens Want to Know, Will Brian Melendez Debate?

    Posted on Oct 01, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] Minnesota DFL Party Chairman Brian Melendez has called us names, filed a frivolous legal complaint, and done just about everything he can to avoid debating EFCA. Following up on our Minnesota State Fair Brian Melendez Cluck Like a Chicken Contest, we sent an appropriate representative to DFL Party Headquarters to issue Chairman Melendez another […]

  • Al and Elwyn: Dancing to the Union Bosses’ Tune

    Posted on Sep 25, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    If only it were so easy for us to get straight answers from Elwyn Tinklenberg and Al Franken.  Recently, the AFL-CIO “asked” Al and Elwyn their positions on EFCA.  The two obsequiously obediently willingly provided the AFL-CIO talking points in response. As with Ashwin Madia earlier this year, the Tinklenberg video isn’t exactly the stuff […]