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  • Reader: Who Are Unions Really Representing?

    Posted on Dec 13, 2007 by Team

    From our mailbag: As a retired union employee from a large manufacturing facility, (Western Electric, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and finally OFS) I retired in April, 2005. As I walked out of the door for the last time, I assumed I was leaving with benefits and pension for life. Short lived both. In 2006 bargaining, the […]

  • Mail Bag: Carpenters Trouble

    Posted on Oct 15, 2007 by Team

    From a reader: The Carpenter’s Union in Chicago has no elections for Business Agents. The only elections they hold are for powerless positions. We need to have free elections for B.A.’s and District Council Board members(not D C delegates) The Union has sold so many Union Cards over the years, that they have created a […]

  • A Reader Writes …

    Posted on Oct 02, 2007 by Team

    Frequent Labor Pains reader Silence Dogood of The Union News blog writes us: I noticed your wake-up call to the private sector on EFCA … You may want to consider that the public-sector “EFCA” laws enacted in Oregon and Mass. this year will be expanded to the private sector there first. In the video of […]

  • “Have Congressmen Miller and Kennedy and their fellow supporters not read about Labor’s corporate campaigns?”

    Posted on Mar 26, 2007 by Team

     We recently told you about a speech by former National Labor Relations Board member John Raudabaugh, who warned a Federalist Society lunch audience about the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act.” We got hold of his prepared statement, and it’s worth sharing as Senator Edward Kennedy tries to follow Congressman George Miller’s feat of pushing EFCA […]

  • Unionized Teachers Paid Not to Work Need Respect Too

    Posted on Mar 15, 2007 by Team

    Like the jobs bank for idle Big Three autoworkers, the “rubber rooms” in New York City house unionized teachers who are being paid not to work. But those teachers want respect, the New York Post reports: “Claiming the United Federation of Teachers has been slow to defend members in trouble, the teachers are also asking […]

  • SEIU Sticking It To Washington’s Taxpayers

    Posted on Mar 05, 2007 by Team

    This morning’s Seattle Times has a must-see report on a deal between officials from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and some of Washington’s healthcare providers. SEIU’s leaders are using their lobbying clout to push for more than $60 million in additional tax money to be directed to nursing homes, but the deal involves terms […]