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  • Wall Street Journal: Becker legislating “card check” by fiat

    Posted on Sep 15, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    Craig Becker has so far refused to recuse himself. Well, perhaps that not the best way to put it. He’s more thrown up his hands and explained that what we thought he would recuse himself from (i.e. things related to the SEIU) and what he meant when he promised to recuse himself are two very different […]

  • Something stinks in Yonkers as Teamsters take trash into their own hands

    Posted on Jul 16, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    Sometimes I think there is never a more abrupt reminder that sometimes unions….stink….than when the garbage starts piling up in idyllic suburban neighborhoods. The Teamsters know this. From the Wall Street Journal: A deal that would have brought laid-off sanitation workers back on the job was voted down by the Teamsters Union local that represents […]

  • This Just In: Elves issue strike notice against Santa, Christmas in jeopardy

    Posted on Dec 22, 2009 by J. Justin Wilson

    I just received this from the North Pole.  It’s almost unbelievable, given the spirit of the season . . . and the billions of children who would be affected. [See below] In response to the strike notice, Santa Claus has made the following announcement. [See below] It’s a little unclear what the NLRB’s jurisdiction is […]

  • Blogs: SEIU threatens to cut off funding to Democratic Party in California

    Posted on Nov 25, 2009 by J. Justin Wilson

    California’s SEIU can’t stop themselves from p*ssing people off. From the LA Times Blog yesterday entitled “California Democratic Party chief says SEIU has threatened to cut off funding”: California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton says one of the state’s most politically powerful unions has threatened to cut off funding for the party over his support […]