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Big Labor Sent Over $1.6 Billion To Left-Wing Special Interests

In continuation of its campaign to educate the public on the benefits of the Employee Rights Act, the Center for Union Facts has released updated data that tracks how much money labor unions have sent to the Left since 2010. This new spending information includes the latest union financial records from 2018.

Details regarding the over $1.6 billion unions sent to left-leaning causes, including which groups received the most money and how much was spent on certain categories, can be seen at this chart. Major recipients included the Democratic Governors Association, the Center for America Progress, and Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, public-sector union members are no longer obligated to contribute to their union’s political activity as a condition of employment. But for private-sector employees in unionized workplaces, their dues are still being sent to primarily left-leaning causes without their consent. In fact, 99 percent of political contributions from labor unions since 2010 have gone to Democratic causes, even though almost half of union households voted Republican in 2016.

Unfortunately, most union members have no idea that part of their dues go to fund left-leaning advocacy. That’s why Congress needs to get serious about legislation like the Employees Right Act, which would require unions to receive permission from members to use their dues for anything other than collective bargaining.

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