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CUF Launches New “Subway Scam” Campaign

The Center for Union Facts (CUF) has officially launched “Subway Scam,” highlighting the trade unions that have made New York’s subway system dirty, delayed, and dangerous. The new campaign focuses specifically on the Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC) of Greater New York—namely BCTC President Gary LaBarbera—whose member unions’ expensive and wasteful contracts with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) increase transit construction costs and take valuable resources away from subway repairs and upgrades.

CUF has released the new website, in addition to billboards and full-page advertisements in New York City. To mark the campaign’s launch, CUF has erected two Midtown billboards, which you can see here and here. CUF is also running a full-page ad in today’s amNYNew York Post, and New York Daily News. (You can see the ad here.)

According to a recent New York Times investigation, BCTC member unions’ contracts have plagued the MTA with “excessive staffing, little competition, generous contracts, and archaic rules.” The MTA’s subway system boasts the highest construction costs in the world, with the cost of the “East Side Access” Long Island Rail Road project projected at $3.5 billion per new mile of track—seven times the global average. Filled with no show-no work jobs, New York transit construction projects are staffed by four times more laborers than anywhere else in the world. Yet, as the Times put it, “labor deals multiply costs while doing little to boost safety.”

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