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  • Michigan Unions’ Trojan Horse Amendment

    Posted on Sep 10, 2012 by Center for Union Facts

    Big Labor’s gambit to overrun Michigan state government will go before voters after the state supreme court rejected all challenges to a ballot initiative that would tie the hands of legislators to make any public-sector labor reforms and forbid private-sector reform measures. The misleadingly-named “Protect Our Jobs” (“POJA”) proposal would amend the state constitution to make collective bargaining a “right.” Although […]

  • The Wheels Keep On Turning

    Posted on by Center for Union Facts

    The Moving Picture Institute, in conjunction with, has a great new video out explaining “The Machine” that keeps teachers unions alive. It’s definitely one you should share on social media. With the Chicago Teachers Union going on strike this morning—or better stated by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, “a strike of choice”—it’s important to recognize how these organizations can continue to operate despite the continued deterioration […]

  • Hugging Thugs in Charlotte

    Posted on Sep 05, 2012 by Center for Union Facts

    In an attempt to soften their image, labor unions are running a “Hug-a-Union-Thug” event in Charlotte, NC as the Democratic National Convention goes on. Union bosses think they’re being terribly clever: This year, rather than sponsoring convention events, the North Carolina State AFL-CIO said it would have a “Hug-a-Union-Thug” booth at a concert affiliated with the convention. […]