Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

What’s Good for the Goose Isn’t Always Good for the Gander

In a bizarre twist of events, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Union – yes, the agency responsible for remaining neutral in employer-union disputes is staffed by unionized employees – is accusing the Board of “declaring war on NLRB employees.”

In a flyer, the union urges NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce and Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon to “practice what they preach,” and stop trying to destroy worker’s rights.

After being appointed, Pearce publically proclaimed his plans to push for new rules that would give unions a boost in organizing members. So, what are these ‘rights’ that the NLRB is denying its union?

For one, the NLRB has decided to cut “official time” by 85 percent. “Official time” is time used to conduct union business at taxpayer expense. The NLRB also wants to have the decision to cut “incentive pay”, if managers deem necessary.

If the dispute isn’t resolved, it will most likely be taken up with the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

While Republicans and Business groups have found issue with Pearce’s obvious bias in favor of unions, it will be interesting to see if the Chair has a change of heart after his own run-in with unreasonable union demands. Don’t hold your breath.

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