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  • Three Signs of Hope in California

    Posted on Jan 14, 2011 by Center for Union Facts

    It’s hard to imagine a more disastrous public pension system than California (although Illinois is trying). According to a Stanford analysis, the state’s public pensions are underfunded by at least $500 billion, or roughly one-fifth of the revenue taken in by the entire federal government last year. This disaster was caused by an incestuous relationship […]

  • Showdown in the Sunshine State

    Posted on by Center for Union Facts

    As the Florida state legislature looks into reforming its pension system, a war of words has erupted between Sunshine State lawmakers and public-sector unions: Unions have rebuffed reform efforts, pointing to reports showing that state and local retirement plans made up 2.37 percent of expenditures in 2008, while some municipalities throughout Florida contend retirement benefits […]

  • A Religious Purity Test from the NLRB?

    Posted on by Center for Union Facts

    This should be a fascinating case to watch: A regional director of the National Labor Relations Board on Monday released a decision backing a union election for adjunct instructors at Manhattan College, most likely setting the stage for an intense legal battle over religious freedom and workers’ rights. The decision largely states that Manhattan isn’t […]

  • Labor Out, Workforce In

    Posted on Jan 07, 2011 by Center for Union Facts

    It’s day two of the new Republican House of Representatives and unions are already pulling their hair out: The GOP’s decision to drop “labor” from the name of a House committee is being interpreted by some union officials as the curtain-raiser to their efforts to pressure the Obama administration on workplace laws and regulations. Several […]

  • Why is the SEIU Anti-Worker?

    Posted on by Center for Union Facts

    Time for a little union mythbusting. This comes from California and the never-ending war between the SEIU and the National Union of Healthcare Workers: I am sitting at a table in the Summit Hospital cafeteria in Oakland, California. Beverly Griffith, a spirited African-American grandparent who worked for 32 years in the Summit EVS (Housekeeping) department, […]

  • Feds Open Investigation Into Alleged Snow Job

    Posted on by Center for Union Facts

    After 20 inches of snow were dumped on New York City last week, the media has been atwitter about allegations made by one city councilman. Dan Halloran claimed he was approached by three Sanitation Department workers who confessed they had been ordered to slow down the snow removal as a protest against recent budget cuts. […]

  • Elections Have Consequences, Union Edition

    Posted on by Center for Union Facts

    As President Barack Obama said two years ago, “Elections have consequences”. He’s probably less enthusiastic about that bromide today — as are the unions who campaigned on his behalf. As the New York Times reports, state officials are gearing up to take on organized labor: State officials from both parties are wrestling with ways to […]