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  • Obama to AFL-CIO: There’s more than one way to skin a cat

    Posted on Aug 06, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    There have been several times when I’ve discussed the alternate means of implementing some of the key tenets of the Employee Free Choice Act, like HERE and HERE. It’s just nice to have the President blatantly confirm this agenda in his speech to the AFL-CIO.  Basic story? EFCA will be a challenge in the lame […]

  • Teamsters Local to Volunteers: Not in our park

    Posted on Aug 03, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    You gotta love it when a group of citizens “organize” volunteers to keep city parks clean and operational, because the Teamsters can’t…or won’t do the same.  Teamsters Local Union 117 has filed a complaint with the State of Washington to make sure the county never allows volunteers to keep the parks clean and open again. […]

  • Pelosi hopes the “Employer Free Choice Act” happens soon

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    That’s not a typo. Not only did she call it the “Employer Freed Choice Act,” which is embarrassing enough, but she told the Communications Workers of America that EFCA ought soon be the “law of the land.”  They applauded. From the CWA: [youtube][/youtube]