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Colorado Education Association: Evaluations are “too much, too fast”

Colorado is yet another education battleground this week. From the Denver Post:

A battle began anew Monday as a controversial bill seeking to change teacher-tenure laws was introduced into the legislature — much to the ire of the powerful teachers union. […] The Colorado Education Association — the state’s largest union, which represents 40,000 educators — is opposed to the bill, calling it “too much, too fast,” said CEA president Beverly Ingle.

“We are lobbying heavily around this bill,” said CEA spokeswoman Deborah Fallin. “Our members, the more they learn about it, the more crazy they get. This is a very difficult piece of legislation, and they are concerned that we are going to end up with another bad evaluation system.”

Another bad evaluation system? What about just having an evaluation system in place that actually can….wait for it…..evaluate bad teachers? Oh wait, that’s what this bill is about.

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