Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

SEIU pumps itself up in mirror, plays Rocky theme song, rehearses talking points

Here’s a tip: Be careful what you label “For Internal Use Only- Not For Distribution.” And don’t put it on the internet.

“Language Tips on Employee Free Choice” contains multiple tips, courtesy of the SEIU, on the verbiage of the the EFCA debate (see document below).

I guess since the SEIU figured their employees might have a problem keeping the proverbial “cat in the bag” as the the real motivations behind card check, I mean EFCA, I mean the Employee Free Choice Act, ie., get a lot of people unionized really fast so our pension funds don’t go bankrupt and we don’t become an irrelevant part of the American work force….and so we can replace all the disenchanted workers who leave unions.

One of the more damning interesting points is this:

Instead of calling current law the “secret ballot system” or “private ballot system,” the SEIU instead recommends that employees call it the “Company-dominated system” that “denies workers free choice.”

According to the SEIU, a private election is “company-dominated.” Whereas, an election where workers have no privacy and can easily be coerced into joining a union, i.e. card check, (or “Majority sign-up” according to the SEIU) is real “free choice.”

Why do I get the feeling that the SEIU needs to go back to grammar school?

Image courtesy of….well….the SEIU.


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