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A Warning About “Card Check Lite”

Glenn Spencer over at the Workforce Freedom Initiative has a piece warning about we might see emerge as the  compromise version of EFCA.

Calling it “card check lite,” Spencer provides a good explanation of each of the potential elements that would make up a possible compromise:

A possible outcome of the compromise talks is a bill that includes quickie elections, a heavy-handed approach to interest arbitration, and a penalty regime that looks very similar to the existing version of EFCA. Such a bill would represent little change from what’s currently on offer, and could be dubbed Card Check “lite.”

Quickie elections could entail mail-in ballots or actual elections that are held within a very short time after a union files a petition for an election. Potential compromise on arbitration could include extending the number of days before an arbitrator can intervene and baseball-style arbitration where the arbitrator decides between the last best offer from both sides. Of course none of these proposals are good or sustainable ideas for America’s workers and businesses.

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