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News Roundup: Heroes, Protests, and Decertifications

Congressional Democrat, Rep. Dan Boren, has come out against EFCA.  What a courageous stand!  Let’s hope more Democrats will see the disastrous and undemocratic consequences of EFCA.  The SEIU may fiercely attack Boren for his views. Rep. Boren said:

“I will be voting against it again in the 111th. I think the secret ballot is so important — it’s the cornerstone of our democracy.”

Here’s the transcript of Biden’s speech to the AFL-CIO executive council.

SEIU plans EFCA rallies in D.C. next week.

Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln dismiss rumors that they’re already supporting EFCA.

Nine collective bargaining units seek decertification from the Teamsters:

Teamster union bosses organized a subsequent campaign of intimidation and harassment of Oak Harbor Freight employees who continued to work during the strike. Teamster union partisans participated in ambulatory strikes, in which they stalked and picketed Oak Harbor Freight drivers on their daily routes.

“It’s particularly despicable to intimidate workers if they refuse to abandon their jobs in the midst of an economic crisis,” said Stefan Gleason, vice president of the National Right to Work Foundation. “All workers should be free to support their families, free from harassment by union bosses.”

A union rally in New York is expected to cause delays for buses and subways. That’s no way to get support for your cause.

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