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  • Payback or not payback? I’m confused.

    Posted on Dec 19, 2008 by Team

    The unions should really get their talking points on the Employee Free Choice Act straightened out. While AFSCME President Gerald McEntee is explicitly saying EFCA is “payback,” American Rights at Work is saying the exact opposite. The National Journal reports: [American Rights at work spokesman Josh] Goldstein dismissed the notion that quick passage of the […]

  • WSJ OpEd: EFCA Unconstitutional

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    Prof. Richard Epstein University of Chicago Law School Professor Richard Epstein has a great OpEd in today’s Wall Street Journal suggesting that the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act is unconstitutional. Epstein writes: Consider card check and the First Amendment. Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) today, an employer can insist upon a secret ballot […]

  • EFCA Vote Count: Coleman up by 2 votes

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    As of yesterday, Sen. Norm Coleman led Democratic challenger Al Franken by 2 votes. The Minnesota Canvassing Board has awarded 253 challenged ballots to Coleman and 439 ballots to Franken. Depending on who you talk to the Senate is somewhere between 57 and 59 pro-EFCA votes. Sixty votes are necessary to break a Republican filibuster […]

  • Union Official: EFCA is “Payback”

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    Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Gerald McEntee told The Washington Times that EFCA was “payback” for labor’s contributions to Obama: Mr. McEntee said labor must guard against overreaching and should avoid warring with other Democratic-leaning groups – “to turn the other cheek on this and be more interested in the bigger picture,” he […]

  • SEIU: “We’re going to keep working with the U.S. Attorney”

    Posted on Dec 16, 2008 by Team

    That’s about all Andy Stern will say regarding the SEIU’s involvement in Blagojevich’s pay-for-play scheme. In fact, you can hear him repeat it over and over again during yesterday’s Talk of the Nation. Responding to our ad in The New York Times yesterday, the SEIU was equally non-responsive to Lou Dobbs: The SEIU calls the ad […]

  • 22 Pounds of UAW Rules and Regulations

    Posted on Dec 12, 2008 by Team

    Ever wondered what a UAW contract looks like? Here is all 22 pounds of it (in this case, Ford’s 2,215 page 2007 master contract; Coke can is for scale and because I was thirsty). I’ll tell you this much, those 2,215 pages don’t include much regarding efficiency and competitiveness. What you’ll find are hundreds of […]

  • SEIU’s Pay-for-Play Scandal

    Posted on Dec 11, 2008 by Team

    Today, the Service Employees International Unions (SEIU) finds itself at the center of two evolving pay-for-play political scandals. In Illinois, a high ranking SEIU union official appears to have agreed to run the traps for Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s attempt to sell off President-elect Obama’s Senate seat. At the same time, an equally appalling scandal is […]

  • Teachers Unions Bankrupting American Education

    Posted on Dec 05, 2008 by Team

    Big labor unions have destroyed countless American industries, including the Detroit automakers who are now begging Congress for a bailout. But these unions don’t just control factories and assembly lines. Our public education system is a slow-motion car crash, driven the same union special interests that brought the auto companies to the brink of bankruptcy. […]