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Video: George McGovern Opposes EFCA


The Employee Freedom Action Committee (EFAC) continued its $30 million dollar campaign with a new television advertisement premiering during tonight’s Presidential Debate coverage. EFAC is spending $2 million airing the ad which, in addition to running during tonight’s debate, will run heavily in seven states that EFAC has been targeting since May. The campaign has criticized Senators and candidates who support the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

The ad features former Democratic Presidential nominee George McGovern condemning those in his own party who have supported EFCA. In the 60 second ad, Sen. McGovern speaks directly to camera and highlights what’s wrong with the legislation.

“This legislation is an attempt by unions to get a bailout from their friends in Congress. George McGovern rightly criticizes the politicians who are selling out and backing this indefensible legislation,” said J. Justin Wilson, Managing Director for the Employee Freedom Action Committee. “Democrats are re-paying their union funders with legislation that hijacks workplace democracy which will no doubt result in restrictive work rules, inefficiencies, and job loss as the unions have proven capable of doing time and again..”

“EFCA is the elephant in the room during tonight’s debate and we are hopeful that Senator McGovern’s comments will spur discussion on this important issue,” he concluded.

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