Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

“Pretty much at this stage, I agree with things they ask.”

Senator Mitch McConnell recently aired Bruce Lunsford’s dirty laundry and called him out on being in total lock-step with the AFL-CIO.

Apparently Bruce agrees!

While speaking at the Kentucky Farm Bureau forum in Louisville, McConnell warned farmers of Lunsford’s ties to union bosses stating that Bruce won’t be for trade agreements that will allow Kentucky farmers to sell their products abroad because the unions won’t let him.

When asked about his support for unions and their agenda Lunsford told reporters “pretty much at this stage I agree with things they ask.”
Lunsford tried to spin his support for unions as being for “middle America” saying that he thinks “the AFL-CIO represents middle America.”

Wonder if he knows that “middle America” along with everyone else still wants the right to a private vote when it comes to unionization? This is just another union agenda item that Lunsford will support because he’s told to by the union bosses despite what the working men and women really want.

Days after Lunsford claimed his support for the AFL-CIO’s union agenda, the AFL-CIO began running radio ads criticizing McConnell and sticking up for their good buddy Lunsford.

Guess that’s what you get when you agree with the unions on things such as the Employee Free Choice Act claiming that what the unions are asking for “are pretty reasonable for middle America.”

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