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“Winners” Announced in “Ten Worst Union-Protected Teachers Contest”

Worst Teachers In AmericaThe Center for Union Facts (CUF) has announced the “winners” of its “Ten Worst Union-Protected Teachers” contest, which the group launched in March 2008.

The contest allowed anyone 13 and older to nominate the worst union-protected teachers in America through CUF’s website After receiving over 600 nominations, CUF has identified the ten worst and offered each of them $10,000 to quit the profession forever. The purpose of the contest was to illustrate that unions have made it so difficult and costly to get rid of bad teachers that it can be easier to pay them to quit.

“Unsurprisingly, none of the ‘winners’ chose to take the prize money,” said CUF Executive Director Richard Berman. “When your job security is virtually guaranteed–due to outrageous union tenure rules–regardless of your performance, why would you quit for $10,000?”

Here’s the full press release.

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