Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

KY Governor, Labor Bosses Use Governor’s Mansion for Political Rally

Last Thursday, labor bosses from across the state joined Governor Steve Beshear, David Boswell (2nd Congressional District Candidate) and others to gear up for the fall elections.

Beshear used this time and the state funded Governor’s Mansion to promote his idea of Kentucky’s future, which includes sending union-endorsed candidates like David Boswell and Bruce Lunsford to D.C. 

Do Beshear and Boswell realize that by aligning with the union bosses and partying with them on the back patio of the mansion they are actually supporting a measure – the Employee Free Choice Act – that would strip workers of their right to a private ballot vote?

 Check out how Beshear and Boswell plead for the labor bosses’ help, time, and money to ensure that unions have a stronger voice in Congress.


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