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Jeff Merkley…Wrong AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN

Even though Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Merkley has been told that “Death” or the Grim Reaper is not affiliated with the Gordon Smith campaign, he repeatedly and knowingly makes this false assertion to potential voters.

In this clip, Mr. Merkley tries to tell people that the Grim Reaper is with an anti-union group, which is also untrue. Oregonians for Employee Freedom is actually very pro-worker, fighting hard to make sure that workers’ right are protected in the workplace by ensuring they have a private ballot when voting to unionize

Mr. Merkley seems very uncomfortable with the truth coming out about his support for the grossly mis-named Employee Free Choice Act, a bill sponsored by big labor unions to make it easier for them to organize by taking away workers right to a private ballot in the workplace.

Union membership has been steadily declining in recent years and Big Labor has made it a point to buy politicians like Jeff Merkley with campaign contributions to support this bill. Unable to fairly compete with employers, Big Labor has chosen instead to take away a fundamental American right, that of every citizen to a private ballot, to try and bolster their numbers.

Politicians like Jeff Merkley, in the pocket of union bosses, will say whatever those union bosses tell them to in order to keep the money flowing, even to the point of lying to deceive potential voters.If Jeff Merkley will say and do anything to get elected now, what kind of deception will he practice if he gets elected?

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