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Radio Show Host Calls Employee Free Choice Act “Travesty”

Recently, the issue of the Employee Free Choice Act was raised on the Lars Larson show heard statewide on 15 stations and in over 30 communities here in Oregon. While Lars was out that day, guest host Rob Kremer was more than up to the task of calling out Jeff Merkley on his support of this deceptively-named piece of legislation, calling it a “travesty”.

Some other quotes from Rob Kremer from the radio spot:

“It’s ridiculous to think they (unions and Merkley) are taking away the secret ballot in union elections.”

“This (card check) lays it open to unbelievable intimidation and manipulation.”

“I find it highly ironic that democrats, “Big D” democrats, care so little about the “little d” democratic process that they are OK with getting rid of the secret ballot when people are deciding something that will impact their workplace.”

“I can’t imagine the argument that says that we need to take away a secret ballot.”

Neither can 94% of Oregonians, Rob, but Mr. Merkley still supports this legislation because the union bosses who are contributing heavily to his campaign want him to support it.

Let’s just hope that Oregonians remember whose pocket Mr. Merkley is in when it’s time to vote in November.

Listen to the clip here

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