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Al Franken and Other EFCA Supporters Must Have the Same Union Talking Points


It’s clear from our most recent encounter with Al Franken that he, like Ashwin Madia and Elwyn Tinklenberg, has received the same union-provided talking points on how to handle the issue.  Their answers, even their body language, is just eerily similar.

 1.     When asked about your support for taking away the private ballot, suggest a follow up meeting which you never intend to hold.

2.     If the “meeting” ploy doesn’t work, immediately level baseless charges of “intimidation” even though you don’t have any proof.

3.     Finally, all evidence to the contrary, simply deny that EFCA takes away any rights from Minnesota workers.  If you say it enough times, people might actually believe that a union organizer intimidating a worker into signing a card is just as good as a private ballot election.

4.     No matter how many times your handlers try and pull you away, keep coming back, because you MUST have the last word, even if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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