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Al Franken Can’t Hide His Assault on Democracy

We’re spreading the word about Al Franken’s effort to deny workers their private ballot rights.  We are further raising the stakes on a critically important issue facing Minnesotans and all Americans: the loss of our democratic rights in the workplace. 

In an OpEd this week in Minnesota, we wrote:

Al Franken, supposed champion of the little guy, is supporting the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act, which takes away the private ballot from employees voting on whether or not they want to unionize their workplace. Harassment and intimidation will replace the integrity and freedom of conscience that comes with the private ballot.

Seldom is an issue as clear cut and simple as the union bosses attempt to take away the private ballot right of workers voting in a union organizing election.  That’s why 95% of Minnesotans support their private ballot.

In joining the effort to take away our basic rights, Al Franken is playing with fire.  We won’t let him hide his record from Minnesotans.

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