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Even Liberal Bloggers Ask: Why Doesn’t the Media Cover Union Attempt to Buy Congress?

In a post on the site of the liberal Atlantic blogger, Matthew Yglesias, Alyssa wonders why no reporters are following a very important election-year issue. Namely, how union bosses are attempting to buy a submissive government to pass a laundry-list of anti-worker, anti-business, pro-union boss legislation:

$150 million is a lot of money… Which is why it’s strange that almost three weeks after the Service Employees International Union announced that they’d spend precisely that amount both to swing the elections they’re targeting and to support a massive mobilization to push for health care reform and the Employee Free Choice Act in the first 100 days of the new administration, not a single major news organization has written about that decision. . . But it matters not least because SEIU is one of the first organizations to explicitly lay out a post-election plan.


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