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Union Organizer Admits it’s His Job “to get down and dirty”

Finally, some refreshing honesty from union organizers.

Responding to the suggestion that comparing management to Osama bin Laden was inappropriate, union organizer Steve Maritas responded: “Maybe it was a low move. But that’s the way (labor) war is … I’m from the street. If I have to get down and dirty, I’ll do it.”

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

A campaign to organize MGM Mirage security guards has turned ugly, with the union’s lead organizer comparing casino executives to terrorists and threatening to bring homeless people and prostitutes to the picket line to make things unpleasant for the company’s customers.

The hardball tactics come as no surprise to anyone who knows the organizer, Steve Maritas. He was convicted in San Diego of stalking his former girlfriend, who he says tricked him into violating a court order to keep his distance. And he says he learned a lot about the union business from his father, a former president of a 30,000-member carpenters district council in New York City who was indicted on racketeering charges. . .

The union has dubbed security guards at Mandalay Bay the “300 Spartans” (the sacrificial army in Greek history) and plans a massive protest outside the property and other MGM Mirage casinos Memorial Day weekend — complete with a busload of homeless people, “the smellier the better,” Maritas said. “Ten dollars a head. I’ve done it on many occasions.” He said he may deliver prostitutes to the scene, too.

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