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  • Shining a Bright Light on the Michigan Education Association

    Posted on Apr 10, 2008 by Jon Berry

    Taking a page out of the playbook, Michigan teachers union watchdog Education Action Group has launched The new website trains a harsh spotlight on the deeds and misdeeds of the Michigan Education Association, the 800-pound gorilla of education politics in that state. Some of the highlights: Extensive coverage of the MEA’s shady insurance […]

  • Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

    Posted on Apr 08, 2008 by Jon Berry

    It’s a little unexpected, but we’ll take it: Al Sharpton has signed on to the Center for Union Facts proposition that teachers unions have made it too difficult to get rid of bad teachers, saying that education reform “includes getting teacher unions to make concessions in contracts so bad teachers can be fired.” Why is […]

  • Teachers Unions Exposed on Fox and Friends

    Posted on Apr 03, 2008 by J. Justin Wilson

    If you missed this morning’s Fox and Friends, here’s a clip of our Executive Director discussing our campaign against teachers unions.  

  • What It’s Really About

    Posted on Apr 01, 2008 by Jon Berry

    Late last week Peter Henry at New Teacher Network called on his readers to disrupt our “Ten Worst Union-Protected Teachers” contest, in which the Center for Union Facts will offer the “winners” $10,000 to leave the classroom for good. Henry writes: Wouldn’t it be fun if one of us could make up a profile of […]