Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Setting the Record(s) Straight

The Center for Union Facts wasn’t the only group taking its message to newspaper editorial pages this Labor Day weekend. There were plenty of, ahem, misguided voices out there. Luckily, we also responded to those pieces.

In the Denver Post this morning, we write:

It would be nice if the AFL-CIO matched its actions to its rhetoric when it claims to honor working Americans on Labor Day. Linda Chavez-Thompson, the AFL-CIO’s executive vice president, told Post readers that a bill before Congress, dubiously dubbed the Employee Free Choice Act, would help working Americans. In reality, the bill is the biggest threat to employees’ rights in decades. It would effectively destroy the process of secret ballot elections that protects the rights of every employee to vote his or her conscience without the employer, the union or co-workers knowing the outcome.

Union officials may be desperate to stave off their declining membership. But they should not use Labor Day to lobby for a bill that will hurt working Americans.

And in the Philly Inquirer we write:

Peter Dreier and his union allies favor the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act (“How unions’ strength is lessening in U.S.,” Sept. 3) because it will make it easier to unionize more employees.

It will be easier because those employees will see their right to vote their conscience on joining a union virtually eliminated. They will be subjected to intimidation, coercion and confusion.

Dreier cites a study by Cornell University professor Kate Bronfenbrenner that ostensibly shows that employers behave badly. But the author is a former union organizer, and her study was nothing more than a survey of union organizers.

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