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SEIU: The Crossroads of Money and Politics

From the AP today in Los Angeles: “The ex-president of the union local representing school workers was placed on five years’ probation for looting funds to pay for travel expenses and pay workers in a City Council campaign.” Janet Humphries, formerly of SEIU Local 99, got off light:

Humphries used union money to pay for her travel expenses and pay workers for the 2003 council campaign of Martin Ludlow. Ludlow won the 2003 election but later left the council to lead the county labor federation.

In 2005, Ludlow pleaded guilty to federal charges in the case and was also placed on five years’ federal probation.

Humphries had SEIU Local 99 pay $33,000 in salaries to seven of Ludlow’s campaign workers and provided him with a cellular telephone, which he used to rack up nearly $3,400 in bills.

Remember, this embezzlement wasn’t simply done to feather a few nests — it was undertaken in the quest for political power.

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