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‘Only One Reason’ Americans Aren’t Joining Unions?

Labor cheerleader Jonathan Tasini is a smart guy, and one heck of a blogger. But he’s off his rocker with his latest statement at The Huffington Post, where he’s using his virtual soapbox to try to whitewash the card check issue. He has the gall to say: “There is only one reason tens of millions of workers are not in unions: employer intimidation and illegal behavior.” Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

Tasini thinks there’s only one reason that those Americans aren’t in unions?! Is that one reason corruption? Is that one reason the fact that members’ money funds lofty salaries? Is that one reason that members’ dues fund stays at lavish hotels or pay for golf greens fees? Is that one reason the number of unfair labor practices filed against union bosses — primarily by their own members? Is that one reason the discrimination by union leadership? Or is that one reason the union boss’s tendency to get the local plant shut down?

I doubt Mr. Tasini even acknowledges those reasons. Instead, he claims that tens of millions of Americans are bullied by their bosses. A sweeping claim like that is, of course, nonsense. Perhaps he should look at the real numbers involved, instead of relying on AFL-CIO sponsored polls (which have never released to the public, meaning there’s no telling how loaded the poll questions were).

What is Mr. Tasini’s one reason for demanding an end to secret ballot elections for working Americans — the more than $56,000 he was personally paid in dues money for, among others, “consulting” between 2005 and 2006? Or is the one reason the $57,000 in union member money directed toward his Labor Research Association in those years? Mr. Tasini’s motivation may or may not be the money, but as he toes the union line he does seem pretty well-heeled.

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