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Mailbag: A Newark Graduate Speaks

We continue to receive feedback from Newarkers on our website, which profiles the damage wrought by the Newark Teachers Union on its schools. One Newark Public Schools graduate wrote in last night to agree that there are far too many bad teachers in schools (in Newark, about one tenured teacher out of almost 4,000 is fired annually). His entire e-mail is reproduced below:

I am a graduated East Side High School student who knows from experience that thier is a serious problem with school faculties that is affecting the lives of students in a negative way and that will continue to have dire ramifications if action is not taken by those who truly value education. The problem with our schools today really is too many uncaring and indifferent teachers who can care less of thier responsibilities as educators of the future generations. I will say in complete honesty that I have had a few good and caring teachers, and I have also had a few lethargic and indulgent ones. But regardless of that fact, I can also state in honest absolution that I was not in the least properly, academically prepared for life after highschool. Why? Because even though I was an honor role student who graduated in the top ten, there was no changing the fact, which at the time I did not acknowledge, that my highschool’s academic cirriculum was a joke.

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