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  • SEIU’s Michigan Racket Implodes

    Posted on May 05, 2014 by Team

    SEIU Healthcare Michigan has a problem: Its membership tanked from 55,265 members in 2012 to 10,918 in 2013—a decline of 44,347 members. The cause? Pro-employee legislation passed in 2012 that gave employees the option of refraining from paying the SEIU dues without losing their jobs, and a separate measure that abolished Healthcare Michigan’s “dues skim” […]

  • Big Labor’s D.C. Thunderdome

    Posted on Apr 30, 2014 by Team

    Two union activists enter: One union activist leaves. That seems to be the story of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 500’s attempt to organize left-wing media criticism outfit Media Matters for America. David Brock, the CEO of the aggressively pro-union group, isn’t too eager to have his staff unionized. He has refused a card […]

  • Media Matters Lawyers Up Against Its SEIU Allies

    Posted on Apr 17, 2014 by Team

    We’ve caught unions (like the SEIU and the NEA) battling hard against the unions of their unionized staff. Their left-wing “nonprofit” allies seem no different: Left-wing media critics Media Matters for America are lawyering up and heading to the National Labor Relations Board to demand a secret-ballot election rather than a card-check agreement with SEIU […]

  • “Worker Committees” a $15 Million SEIU Project

    Posted on Apr 09, 2014 by Team

    We’ve covered the SEIU-led campaign to organize fast food restaurants without a secret ballot—a.k.a. by “card check”—since it began nearly two years ago. It’s a big push by one of America’s most aggressive labor organizations get two big “wins” for the union: A minimum-wage hike—which our research shows would benefit SEIU directly in addition to […]

  • “Good Jobs” Is an SEIU “Nation”

    Posted on Oct 04, 2013 by Team

    Our Executive Director took to The Washington Times op-ed page this week to call out a bit of Service Employees International Union (SEIU)-backed “shutdown theater” and the front group used to do it. He writes: On Wednesday, several dozen unionized workers assembled at the World War II Memorial in an effort to share the stage […]

  • Labor Woes Worsen Over PPACA

    Posted on Sep 04, 2013 by Team

    Richard Trumka was certainly correct when he recently confessed that labor was “in crisis.” Over the Labor Day weekend, the 40,000 members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) voted to leave the AFL-CIO. The fissure occurred over a number of differences; however, the proverbial “final straw” appeared to be the AFL-CIO’s continuing support […]

  • AFL-CIO Oops Moment

    Posted on Aug 13, 2013 by Team

    The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union rejoined the AFL-CIO last week after an 8-year relationship with the Change to Win alliance. The organizations originally parted over disagreements in political spending, but it looks like some new disagreements are surfacing only a few days after their reunion. In an effort to bash their competitor Wal-Mart, the AFL-CIO recently championed WinCo as an […]