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  • In Arkansas, Unions find the strength to call searing loss a “tremendous victory”

    Posted on Jun 09, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    In what is being described by CNN as a landslide by women, Blanche Lincoln managed to hold off labor-backed Bill Halter in the hotly (and nastily) contested Democratic primary race in Arkansas. The AFL-CIO called the loss a “tremendous victory” for working families, and SEIU stood by their man as well. If this is what […]

  • SEIU Hotlines and other despicable things

    Posted on Jun 08, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    –The SEIU sees blood in Arizona, and a chance to cash in. They put together a hotline for anyone traveling to Arizona to call in and get travel advisories. The hotline, if set up by anyone not far left of center, would result in pejoratives being hurled at them by ….everyone.  But because the SEIU […]

  • Just a reminder: EFCA can take shape in the NLRB

    Posted on Jun 07, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    Doubt the power of the National Labor Relations Board to create an environment for business that feels a lot like EFCA? Here’s a rude reminder. Peter Kirsanow, a “labor attorney at Cleveland’s Benesch Friedlander Coplan &  Aronoff law firm and former pro-business member of the powerful five-member National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C” had […]

  • Halter and Lincoln face off Tuesday

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    Tomorrow, a number of unions will find out if their blood, sweat, tears, and cash–lots of it– paid off in Arkansas when Blanche Lincoln faces off to labor backed Bill Halter. According to the New York Times, labor in Arkansas has “knocked on 170,000 doors, made 700,000 phone calls, sent 2.7 million pieces of mail […]

  • Seniority: obstacle to progress in education

    Posted on by Sonny Bunch

    Layoffs are an unfortunate fact of life in times of economic strife. The public sector is no exception; with budget shortfalls hitting school districts around the country, some administrators are faced with the difficult task of deciding who to let go. The process is rendered vaguely absurd by the fact that seniority, and not competence, […]

  • Seniority coming under scrutiny

    Posted on Jun 04, 2010 by Sonny Bunch

    The notion of using seniority as the basis for determining layoffs for educators is an odd one.  Teachers vary dramatically in quality — some older teachers benefit from years of experience; some younger teachers benefit from the latest in educational knowledge –and those differences have huge impacts on the lives of students. Why does it […]

  • Out, damned spot: Unions picket American Red Cross

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    What is it with the American Red Cross?  Last December, the Teamsters were picketing facilities of the American Red Cross in Philadelphia. This time around, shift one state over–to West Virginia–and now its the SEIU employees striking. The Red Cross won a court injunction to get them back to work in December. No word yet […]

  • Teamsters:$10 billion wasn’t enough, but $165 billion will work.

    Posted on Jun 03, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    Here’s the first thing you need to know about Senator Casey’s event on March 22, 2010, introducing the Create Jobs and Save Benefits Act of 2010, is who was in attendance at the announcement: “Senator Casey was joined at the event in Carlisle by representatives from YRC Transportation, ABF Freight Systems and the International Brotherhood […]